“Women”….What did they say bout it…

Published April 4, 2010 by anemischi3

Firstly, nothing’s personal when i wrote this…LOL…cuma merasa…quote2 ni bagus banget, bagaimana mereka menggambarkan seorang wanita menurut pandangan mereka masing2…well, at least ini menghibur para wanita yang membacanya…^^v

I do not know why women need all that men have. For women, among other things, there are men.
Coco Chanel

The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman-any woman-beautiful

Smart woman was, in a society where you can keep yourself as anything silly.
Paul Valery

Female guess is more accurate than men’s confidence.
Rudyard Kipling

The woman – your shadow: when you go to her, she flees from you, and when you go away from her – she runs for you.
Alfred de Musset

Beautiful girls and women are rarely alone, but often they are alone.
Henrik Yagodzinsky

The later the girl comes to visit, so it is smiling.
Gomez de la Serna

Woman should contrive to look so wise, so that her “random” stupidity was a real gift for men.
Karl Kraus

Night-to-face every girl and woman.
S. Flesharova-Muscat

In loving woman’s heart is always full of hope, to kill them, you need more than one stab, she loves to the last drop of blood.
Honore de Balzac

No woman dawn and night life would have been helpless, and her noon – no joy.
Pierre Buast

If God had appointed a woman to be Mrs. men, he could have created it out of my head, though – a slave, that would be created from his foot, but since he appointed her to be her friend and equal to men, it has created from the rib.
Aurelius Augustine

If you want to know what actually thinks a woman, look at her, but do not listen.
Oscar Wilde

Women’s hatred, in fact, the same love, just changed direction.
Heinrich Heine

The woman – both apple and a snake.
Heinrich Heine

Men should beware of a woman when she loves: for then it is ready for any sacrifice, and everything else has no value in her eyes.

If I am part of your destiny, then someday you will come back to me …
Paulo Coelho

If a woman loves you, then, in essence, the man she loves – not you. But the man she no longer loves – it was you!
Paul Gerald

When the actress was asked what she puts on before going to bed – she replied: “Only Chanel Number Five.”
Marilyn Monroe

Only a woman can temporarily stop the clock.
Jozef Bulatovic

Some women enough once walk down the street, to remain in the memory of man forever.
Rudyard Kipling

Clever woman like Semiramis.
Kozma Prutkov

What is the mistress? A woman near where you forget what he knew by heart, in other words, all the disadvantages of her sex.
Nicolas Chamfort

Who has not seen a woman in love, he can not say that such a woman.

A woman’s right – to speak more than men, and male responsibility – to do more than a woman.
Baurzhan Toyshibekov

Perfect couple from my point of view – this is a hell of a beautiful woman and a devilishly clever man.
Baurzhan Toyshibekov

Man, sermonize, usually a hypocrite, and a woman, have morals, certainly ugly.
Oscar Wilde

Even the severity of the beloved woman is full of infinite charm, which we do not find in the happiest moment for us in other women.

Woman is not only able to understand the sacrifice: she knows how to sacrifice themselves.
Ivan Turgenev

Night shine to the stars and women.

A beautiful woman can kiss her endlessly and never get in the same place.
Janusz Makarchik

Even the most beautiful legs somewhere end.
Julian Tuwim

Nymphomaniac – a woman who wants to make love in the evening, despite the fact that the morning did her hair.
Maureen Limpan

To understand the women have to become a woman, and if it can become impossible, one can only accept women as they are – full of riddles and sweet charm of his personality.

Without women, the beginning of our lives would be devoid of support, the middle of – of pleasure and the end – of consolation.
Nicolas Chamfort

In life there are cases when a woman struggling hides a passion felt by a man, while he also assiduously playing the love that does not feel to it.
J. La Bruyère

Women in Love is likely just more indiscreet than a little infidelity.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The facial expression of women are much more important than her clothes.
Dale Carnegie

Sin, if a woman looks less beautiful than it could be.

If a woman responds to your question – do not believe it, if silent – do not believe it even more.
K. Makuszyński

If women are given custody of the men, they are not out of danger, only those out of danger, which protect themselves by their own volition.
Indian saying

There are two ways to command the woman, but nobody knows.
Frank Hubbard

There are men, surpassing eloquence of women, but no man has the eloquence of women’s eyes.

Women need to take with all our shortcomings.
Arkady Davidovich

She played for centuries as a mirror endowed with magical properties and misleading: it is reflected in the figure of a man was twice the natural size.
Virginia Woolf

She soon falls in love with a man whom she hates, than that to which the indifferent.
Woman reigns, but does not control.
Delphine Girardin

Most of the men from their wives’ demands virtues which they themselves are not.

Most of the women obey the voice of the heart, and their behavior in the whole depends on the men, whom they love.
J. La Bruyère

Be a man – a lot, but being a woman – even more.
M. Larni



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